Vivo y20s,y20,Y91,Y93,Y95, frp (user data all) remove By MRT Key

Vivo y20s, y20,Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 User Lock FRP Unlock Tool The best tool to bypass FRP lock. Vivo Android device is also easy to use and unlock in minutes. You have to download it on your PC and then connect your phone via USB cable. This is a great and easy-to-use tool to delete Google account (all user data)


The Concept Behind Unlocking Vivo y20s,y20,y90,Y91, Y93, Y95, V11

As we all know MRT key is one of the best mobile flashing device. Users can use this amazing tool to perform many mobile related tasks.

But the main problem is that most of the latest Vivo phones come with a pre-locked bootloader. So if bootloader is locked, it is really hard to bypass google account after factory reset. In that case, you will need to boot the Google Account Lock device in EDL mode or Emergency downloading mode.

1)Boot Vivo Phone Into EDL Mode(Teat point)

EDL mode is the most important part of this google account (user data )bypass method. If the bootloader of the device is locked then you can’t flash fastboot ROM directly. MRT Key will show the error.

  • From the outset open gadget Manager on your pc and don't close the window.(My Computer >> Right Click > Manage > Device Manager).
  • Next power off the bolted Vivo telephone appropriately.
  • Open back front of the gadget securely. Cycle is smidgen specialized, so kindly Do Google to realize (how to open back front of Vivo Phone)
  • When the back cover eliminated, eliminate the battery terminals first. [Don't neglect to eliminate battery focuses, its important]
  • Then, short the test point utilizing any copper wire or pin. Check the beneath screen capture and short similar focuses as it were.
  • Simultaneously of shorting test focuses, interface the telephone with pc by means of USB link. (If getting trouble, take help of your relative or friend)
  • When you will interface the gadget with pc, Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Port will reflect in gadget trough. 

Note: The Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 port must be visible under the Device Manager section. If not, repeat the above process appropriately.
2)Use the MRT key unlock tool to bypass user data locks from Vivo Y20s,y20,Y91, Y93, Y95, V11.

Download the Vivo Y20s,Y20 Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 unlock tools from here. (Download)
Unzip the downloaded Vivo Unlock Tool and run it as an administrator.
Wait to start
Y20s,Y20 Y91, Y93, Y95, V11 unlock tool
Click the "Start Button" option from the bottom.

##After applying the Google account deletion process, it may take some time to restart the device. So sit down and wait for normal boot
Vivo Y95 or Vivo 1807 "Forgot password"
Completed with new update MRT Vivo##



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